Your heat pump, packaged system, furnace, or other heating unit will be running fine, and then one day, something arises that signals the need for repairs. There are many common causes for heating repairs. We will let you know if these repairs can be done yourself or not.


Heating units will make some noise when shutting on and off, but loud and continual noise is unusual. Rattling and banging can denote loose or out-of-balance fans and other internal components, while screeching can point to anything from bad motor bearings to parts that need lubrication. Any repairs that require you to get inside the unit are best left to one of our professional technicians.


Many homeowners in San Antonio, TX, call up Quality Star Services when they notice that their rooms and floors are being unevenly heated. We sometimes find that the issue is merely due to a blocked air vent or dirty air filter. Unblocking vents and replacing filters are DIY projects. Other times, though, we find leaks and blockages in the ductwork. Duct cleaning and sealing, fortunately, are two of our many specialties.


Short-cycling refers to the constant turning on and off of a comfort unit. It could be due to a faulty thermostat, in which case you could have a technician calibrate it, or it could be because the unit is oversized, in which case the only solution would be a system replacement. In furnaces, short-cycling may be the result of a bad blower.


Perhaps a fuse has blown, or the relay is faulty. Even worse, the blower motor may have given out. Whatever the reason, a system that won’t turn on at all is in dire need of repairs.


Quality Star Services boasts over two decades of experience serving the people of San Antonio. Besides heating and cooling repairs, maintenance, and installations, we specialize in indoor air quality solutions. We’re fully licensed, insured, and EPA-certified. Call us today to ask any questions.