Options for heating systems can cover a fairly wide range with the technology available today. The two basic types of heat distribution are moving heated air and radiating heat from water. They both can use the same fossil fuels for production, but there are typically five different designs or methods used for heating systems.


Forced air technology is the most common type of heat system used in homes and professional spaces. It heats the air with a radiant element or fire, and then a fan pushes the warm air through ventilation ducts to the different rooms with vents. This is an efficient way to heat a space very rapidly, and Quality Star Services HVAC technicians can provide expert installation in San Antonio.


A radiant system heats a room by pumping hot water through pipes in the walls, ceiling or floor. These systems are prized because they warm up a room without removing moisture from the air, which is important for air quality. Their quiet operation is another aspect that makes this type of heating method preference for many.


This system uses water also, but this network consists of individual baseboard units mounted on the walls in each room. These units are independently controlled for more precise climate control. Although they are generally not as quiet as some radiant systems, they can be just as efficient. This kind of system is not a very popular choice because of the clearance it requires and how slowly it operates.


Radiant steam heats the air with steam that it pumps from a boiler into the vents distributed throughout the building. Its efficacy is still impressive to this day, but the age of the technology makes it expensive to install new. Maintaining it makes sense if it was previously in place. The heat is delivered to each space through registers that are often jeered for their size and unsightly industrial appearance.


This is the most efficient system as it uses pre-existing heat from the Earth. The geothermal technology today is capable of extracting heat even when something is cold. The source could be air, water, rock and/or soil because anything is usable.


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