A healthy home has healthy air, but most houses need help getting to that level of healthiness. Skipping spring maintenance tasks isn’t an option if you want to breathe clean indoor air. Spring cleaning can help you to remove dirt buildup and improve the flow of cold air throughout your home. To get rid of nasty allergens and other contaminants in your air, our quick guide is a good place to start. These simple steps can support a healthy HVAC system and ensure an enjoyable summer.


Replacing air filters is one of the most important things you can do for the health of your system and the overall health of the air. It doesn’t require any extra knowledge to accomplish, as the operation is pretty simple. Remove the metal vent, remove the old filter, slip in the new one, and replace the metal vent.

Keep a box of air filters handy so that you can complete the task quickly. Measure your current filter or look for the sizing on the filter casing. Most air conditioning filters are clearly labeled with the information you need. AC filters are sold at home improvement stores, hardware stores, and most big box stores.


If your floors and carpets get dirty, imagine what happens to your air supply and return vents. This includes registers on the floor and ceiling and in the walls. It’s important to keep these clean by completely removing and washing them when you’re doing your heavy-duty scrubbing. Use warm, soapy water to clean them, and then dry them before putting them back in place. Dirt and debris get sucked in and out of them all day, so cleaning them thoroughly is required.


This task is something you’ll want to keep up with year-round. Dirt buildup on fan blades and parts can get pulled right into your ventilation system. It also gets blown around your house and ends up in your lungs. Make sure the edges of each blade are cleaned. Decorative fan components and metal parts should be washed thoroughly, too.


Your spring HVAC checklist should also include a visit to your outdoor equipment. HVAC compressors need to be cleaned seasonally to get rid of growth that can block the system from operating correctly. Most compressors sit on a concrete pad. Make sure the pad isn’t overgrown with vines, grass, or other plants. Check the top and sides for pine needles, leaves, and debris.

Take note of rust and other substances that might be building up on your unit. These will need to be addressed right away. The condensate drain and other components should be checked and cleaned by a professional as well. Quality Star Services can provide you with a certified technician to assist you with HVAC services in San Antonio. Our team is skilled at helping homeowners with their spring HVAC tune-ups.


Not only will an annual duct cleaning remove any nasty dirt, but it can also provide a lot of other benefits. Clean ductwork supports reduced energy costs, improves airflow, and increases the quality of the air you breathe inside your home. A professional cleaning will pull the contaminants out of your ventilation system. Using a vacuum cleaner can’t compare to the great results a trained technician can produce for you.


Homeowners who want to enhance their indoor air quality should consider installing an air purifier. Air purifiers can be added to existing cooling systems or installed with a new system. Many filtration products can trap both natural and chemical pollutants. Wouldn’t you rather trap and eliminate them instead of allowing them into your house and lungs?


Annual spring inspections can remove the fear of a system failure. A trained technician can clean, calibrate, and test your HVAC equipment to get it running optimally. A good technician will be happy to show you how to operate your thermostat properly so that you get the most from your investment. They can also let you know the current condition of your equipment and identify worn parts that require replacement.

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