September HVAC Maintenance Tips

September 1, 2019

September marks the start of fall and when the temperatures begin to drop after summer comes to an end. For homeowners, this is the perfect time to request an HVAC maintenance to ensure that the system is in good working order. Here are a few tips to follow to avoid issues and repairs.

1. Perform a Tune-Up

Hire a technician from a company like Quality Star Services to perform a tune-up and inspect all of the parts. The professional will also clean everything to ensure that the appliance continues to operate well and has a longer lifespan.

2. Replace the Air Filter

The air filter in your HVAC system is likely dirty if it’s been in use during the summer season. You’ll need to clean or replace it to ensure that it promotes proper airflow in the appliance. Your home can be properly heated during the fall season if the filter is replaced frequently.

3. Check the Wiring and Components

Check the wiring and components of the HVAC system after turning the appliance off. All of the electrical components should be tight. The capacitors will also need to be examined with the use of an electrical test meter.

4. Examine the Thermostat

Take a close look at the thermostat to ensure it’s working correctly and is maintaining the right temperature in the building. You may want to install a programmable thermostat if the current product is old and suffers from issues from time to time.

5. Clean the Outside Unit

Thoroughly clean the outside HVAC unit to remove dirt, grime, and leaves that have accumulated throughout the season. You’ll experience less airflow and a decreasing system capacity if you fail to wipe down the parts and remove excess debris that has accumulated.

Contact Quality Star Services in San Antonio at your convenience if you need professional HVAC maintenance. Our team also offers ductwork services and can improve the indoor air quality in the building due to our expertise and equipment.

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