At Quality Star Services, we specialize in meeting the heating and cooling needs of customers in the San Antonio area. However, there is more to your indoor climate than temperature. You also need to think about the air quality in your home.Modern homes are built to be energy efficient, meaning there is less air escaping from the building. This may save money on utility bills, but it also makes it more difficult to get fresh air in your home.


The air in your home can pick up all sorts of impurities that can affect your indoor air quality. There is dust and dander that human beings and animals produce. Most homes have dust mites that also produce irritants. In humid seasons, mold can grow and release spores into the air. There is also a whole category of impurities known as VOCs, or volatile organic compounds.

Common household cleaning and beauty products release several chemicals into the air. When you cook, especially with oil, small droplets can hang in the atmosphere for some time. Without enough ventilation, these substances will never get flushed out of your home.

Over time, breathing in impure air can cause several health issues. For people with allergies and asthma, breathing problems like coughing or wheezing can happen. Other people may find that they have trouble sleeping or have frequent headaches. Adequate ventilation is an important part of having a healthy home.


In many cases, ventilation can be as simple as cracking open a window. In other spaces, exhaust fans should be installed to clear the air. Three important zones that need to be well-ventilated include the kitchen, bathroom, and workroom.

When it comes to the kitchen, cooking releases oil and smoke particles into the air. The reason that you can smell food cooking is that it is releasing trace amounts of chemicals. Make sure to use exhaust fans over the stove. If you have an overhead fan, it can help circulate fresh air into the room.

It is important to run exhaust fans in the bathroom, especially when using beauty or cleaning products. By opening a window, the fan will blow stale air out and draw fresh air in.

Tool benches are often found in workrooms located in garages or basements, which can be hard to ventilate properly when using paints, glues and other chemicals. Keep the garage door or any basement windows open and use fans to circulate air throughout the space.

Quality Star Services can help you think about your ventilation needs. We are experts in heating, cooling, and air quality technology. Give us a call today to learn more.